Why use the ELP with your students?

Teachers who piloted the ELP said that they wanted to

support their learners’ thinking about their language learning help their learners to understand the central aim of language learning teach their learners how to assess themselves
increase their learners’ motivation help their learners to take their own initiatives set achievable short-term learning targets
use European standards of proficiency (the Council of Europe’s common reference levels) help their learners to understand what they can already do and decide for themselves what they want to achieve explore different ways of evaluating their learners’ progress
help their learners to overcome their fear of speaking in a foreign language show their learners how they can collect and display evidence of what they have learnt support the development of their learners’ autonomy
learn something new and increase their professional skills Can you add any other reasons?
Make notes explaining your order of priority.  

Little, David & Perclová, Radka 2001. European Language Portfolio Guide for Teachers and Teacher Trainers. Strasbourg: Council of Europe, Modern Language Division. (p 21)


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